Connie Bennett

Helen Chuah

Henedina Gadong

Jenny Chui

Kui Eng (Doris) Lau

Lan Ying (Jenny) Butterworth

Leon Hoh

Lilian Tan

Linda Bennett

Linda Haynes

Luzviminda Duvage Nee Cabrera

Mae Appleton

Yuen Keung Eddy Lee


[meaning both to 'take care' and 'remember' in The Philippines and Malaysia. Often said when someone is parting ways and travelling to another place]

A celebration of the stories and legacy of ESEA* people who came to the UK to work for the NHS during the 1960-1970s.

An official Besea.n ESEA Heritage Month event.

29 SEP - 10 OCT 2021

The Willow Tree, 3 Wickford Way, East London E17 6HZ

Nearest tube is Blackhorse Road

Opening hours 8am - 5pm

Closed Monday and Tuesday

Ingat-Ingat throws a spotlight on the real human stories of those that left their homes in South East Asia to join our National Health service. Preserving these stories of both the ordinary and the extraordinary, the humans and humanity behind the words 'immigration' and 'immigrants' ; tales of adventure, youth, sacrifice, hard work, fun, food, assimilation, integration, solidarity, identity and roots.

It recognises and acknowledges this huge part of UK history, so often invisible, the contribution ESEA people have made, not only the NHS, but to the country as a whole.

Ingat-Ingat comprises of 12 stories of young people who left their lives behind in
Malaysia, The Philippines and Singapore, from 1959-1979, some
still working in the NHS, some sadly no longer with us, all have stories to
tell. Old and new photos, video, articles and spoken and written interviews, make up this
immersive look through the experiences, history, richness and reality of what it means to
leave, live, care and contribute in a place far from home.


Find out more about ESEA Heritage Month at

*ESEA = East Asian and South East Asian